Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Self Love Challenge #20

Best Dream You Ever Had

This just happened recently.

If I were to paint a picture for you here, I couldn't do justice to it. No words could explain how nice the whole thing was, the atmosphere, the scenery, the fresh breeze of air. All I could say was, the dream made me feel so warm and fuzzy and happy. I felt so loved ❤️


Self Love Challenge #19

What do you need to make more time for?

In a heartbeat, my daughter.
It's not easy being a working mother, having to miss her progress and milestones. But hey, I'm working on it. Tryna make the most out of the free time I have now that it's school holidays ❤️


Self Love Challenge #18

Proudest Moment

I felt like I've mentioned this before somewhere someway somehow, but I can't remember where and when.

But this, of course, is the highlight of everything. Winning Bahas 4PM back in 2010. That's honestly my batu loncatan to achieving everything else in life after that.

I could still picture my dad standing up from the crowd when my team was crowned as champions. I was nobody ok before that? Like, just a mediocre. But the win really boost my confidence and pushed me to chase all my dreams in life.

Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah ❤️


Self Love Challenge #17

Qualities People (Might) Admire About You

Truth to be told, I don't know. My confidence, maybe?
Or perhaps courage to do things out of my comfort zone. I really have no idea honestly 😂

Any thoughts, readers? Lol not that I have many 🙈


Self Love Challenge #16

5 Favourite Ways To Relax

1. Sleep
2. Netflix
3. Spa
4. Arcade (more to melepaskan geram though)
5. Massage

On a serious note, I prioritize my sanity above anything else. Hence, relaxing sessions are a must! 😝


Thursday, November 01, 2018

Self Love Challenge #15

What are you proud of yourself for today?

I managed to kemas my room!!! Managed to sort out Hasya's baby clothes to pass down to my friends, cleared my books as well as my bags. There's still a lot more to kemas but at least I've started somewhere 🙈🙊

Say yeay to decluttering!


Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Self Love Challenge #14

Your Favourite Meal

Ibu's ayam lemak cili padi + sayur kacang panjang tauhu + sambal belacan + nasi panas. I can have this errday and never get tired of it 😆


Self Love Challenge #13

What have you done lately that you didn't get to brag about?

I did things out of my job scope. But it wasn't credited nor recognized by the relevant parties. But I did them anyway, just because 🙃


Self Love Challenge #12

A funny story that makes you laugh every time

Uh. Can I come back to this later?
Can't think of any funny story now honestly 😂😫


Self Love Challenge #11

What makes you a good friend?

I'd go all out on you, man. And if I have the means to, I'd be there in a heartbeat when you need me.